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The team of Warren Mackie, Kevin Belcher, Greg Terras and Colin Eaton went ova planting on Saturday 13 June 2015 at One Tree Swamp, Broken River, and the Porter River.  We had 40,000 eggs that were distributed as follows:  One Tree 25,000, Broken River 3,000, Porters 12,000.

Given the very cold weather leading up to the weekend it was touch and go whether we would be able to get across the Hawdon River or even negotiate Porters Pass, but the day was brilliant and the original plan was achieved.

At One Tree swamp there were several live fish within the spawning stream and fresh redds and some fresh fish at the entrance in the Waimak. My observation is that I have never seen so many fish in this location. The water temperature when putting the eggs in the incubators at this location was 6.8 degrees Celsius.

At Broken River we placed three small metal boxes in the side stream  with approximately 3000 eggs. There was good water flow and the temperature was a cool 6.2 degrees Celsius.

At Porters we put the remaining 12,000 eggs in with the water temperature at a much warmer 8.5 degrees Celsius.

A very big thank you to the team for a job well done and we were home by 3pm.


Eighteen keen volunteers went ova planting at Hacketts Creek despite the terrible weather leading up to Saturday with plenty of snow on the property of Bevan and Kath Mehrtens.  We had 27,625 eggs which were planted in 32 Scotty boxes.

The water temperature in the Alevinator was a cool 5.2 degrees Celsius and the day managed to climb to 8.6 degrees and very nice.

The group finished off with a BBQ and then headed home for another 4WD venture across snow laden paddocks. I am sure this trip will remain in the group’s mind for many years to come.  The photographs tell the story.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this great club day for a job well done


 Again 18 volunteers braved a cold morning, barely above freezing, to plant 18.181 salmon ova. We were going to go up to Island Hills (Dove stream) but in discussion with the local landowners up there it was agreed not to proceed as they still had a half a metre of snow on the ground. Plan “B” came into play and we planted the eggs in at Silverstream adjacent to Kevin Belcher’s property. It didn't take us long and we were soon back having a lovely morning tea BBQ under a sunny blue clear Canterbury day. Stream temperature was 9.9 degrees Celsius, air temperature was 1.2 degrees Celsius.

It would appear that this could be our last egg planting venture this year and we have now planted eggs as follows:

25,000 One Tree Swamp
4,000 Broken River
11,000 Porters
27,625 Hackett’s Creek
18,181 Silverstream.

All this gives a reasonable coverage for our local area.

Enjoy the rest of your winter, keep warm, and I will keep you posted of any developments or other happenings within the NZSAA.

Photographs from the three ova planting ventures can be viewed in the Gallery.

Colin Eaton
Ova Planting Co-ordinator

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